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About Us


What’s the Leader thought

Science Centres all over the world thrive upon the engine of creativity. Early on in the development of the National Council of Science Museums, its founding stalwarts like Sri Amalendu Bose, Dr. Saroj Ghose, Sri Samar Bagchi, Sri R M Chakrabarti etc. realized that to perpetuate the science centre movement in India, NCSM has to develop a culture of creativity. Even though this culture was imbibed by them in all units of NCSM, they also felt the need to create a special unit that will dedicate itself in problem solving through innovation. This unit was called the Central Research and Training Laboratory.

It is my great pleasure to see that today, after 25 years of its creative existence, CRTL is established as a tireless contributor to the prosperity of the Council. Harnessing the future museum technologies, training the captive manpower, taking projects of national and international importance, serving as the back bone of mission critical projects ushered in by no less than the Honourable Prime Minister of India, CRTL has time and again shown that the best steel is tempered only tasting the brunt of fire. I wish it continues to act as the creative engine of the Council and create more educational facilities for the future generation that are solidly built upon well researched interface technologies and the most authenticated contents.

DIRECTOR GENERAL, National Council of Science Museums

Here in CRTL, we are curious.

And we love to make this trait contagious. The importance of intellectual curiosity can hardly be discounted. CRTL was formed with a mandate of not to repeat but to create. And therein curiosity served as our mantra. Believing that a curious mind is an ever active mind, a group of engineers, scientists, artists and master technicians assembled under the top leadership of the Council and slated a journey of creating innovative solutions of whatever problems their curious minds faced in exploration and communication of science. CRTL began with catering to the in-house demand of interactive science exhibits. But ever growing popularity of its exhibits, exhibitions, planetariums, demonstration programmes etc. made it to make itself available for serving other like-minded organisations. It developed the National Agricultural Museum for ICAR, it created the first Oil Museum of the country for ONGC, it presented a science centre to Mauritius, it has curated the National Museum of Indian Cinema and when the Honourable Prime Minister of India desired to dedicate the exhibition “Uniting India: Sardar Patel” to the nation, CRTL with National Science Centre, Delhi and National Archive of India were the institutions of choice to bear the responsibility.

At this silver Jubilee year of its existence and operation since CRTL was bequeathed to the service of the nation in 1993 by the then Honourable President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, I feel indebted to the founding Director Sri Ingit Kumar Mukhopadhayay and other former Directors Sri S K Ray and Sri Subhabrata Chaudhuri for building such a strong institution. I believe, a captain is only as good as his team is. I sincerely thank all serving members of CRTL and those who has served in CRTL for making this institution uniquely capable in executing object, interactivity and experience mediated challenging knowledge dissemination projects. 

Shri Anurag Kumar
DIRECTOR, Central Research & Training Laboratory