CRTL has been conducting professional training program as an agenda of capacity Building and Human resource development. The training program is based on Key ICT areas, museums development, Exhibit development, Science demonstrations, Taramandal, 3D modelling, Museum marketing etc. Some of the glimpses of professional training are given below.
  • Unity

    Date: 26th March – 30th March 2018

    As an agenda of capacity building and skill development, CRTL organised a professional training program on ‘Unity’ for the officials of NCSM and its units. The training program was based on the development of 3D/2D game development on the cross- platform game engine ‘Unity’ which can be deployed across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the web. At the end of this training program, participants have developed their own project on Unity during Hachathon session and reviewed by the Director General, NCSM.

  • Professional Training Programme on Cyber Security

    Date: 12th – 16th December 2017

    In this information Age, an IT policy must be in place for handling with Threats, transparency and efficiency. It should have clear rules and guideline in the usage of computers, emails and internet risks in office or social framework. The purpose of this training programme was to explore the cyber securities in office and social platform. The programme was designed as a multiple-case study including incident happened in real world and also its resolution by the cyber security agencies. The program focused on to create an Information ecosystem in office with proper cyber security and policies.

  • Training Programme on ‘JATAN : Virtual Museum Builder’ by CDAC – Pune

    Date: May 24- 26, 2016

    JATAN is a digital collection management system that is specifically designed and developed for the Indian Musuem by C-DAC, Pune. The training program was about to know-how of this innovative client-server application and its functionaries like super administration, search and retrieval, documentation of the artefact, management of digital objects with multimedia representations etc. This training program focussed at cataloguing the exhibits and artefacts in NCSM on a database and making them available to users through an efficient network based application. c. Skill development training in 3D printing .

  • Skill development training in 3D printing

    Date: 29th March, 2015

    The program focussed on the operation and maintenance of 3D printing. Participants were well acquired the knowledge of converting digital files into three dimensional solid objects with the help of 3D printers like Makerbot, Stratasys etc. The program provides expert training in 3D printing and little bit of modelling, covering all steps digitising designs, preparing and exporting 3D models and FDM. The live demonstration of 3D printing and carry out projects.

  • Training Programme on ‘Operation & Maintenance of Tara Mandal’

    The training programme was about the demonstration, operation and maintenance of a mini-planetarium known as Taramandal. It is a dome floated structure where a planetarium projector is used to demonstrate the night sky at any place on the Northern hemisphere of the Earth at any time. The program trained the participants about the operation and maintenance of the planetarium projector, fan, inflated dome and also how to make the demonstration more entertaining.